Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

The case studies featured here demonstrate a wide range of projects that we have undertaken.


Thwaites/Montgomery Spring Water

We sold 10 off 90,000 ltr fermenting vessels to Montgomery Spring Water, each requiring removal, delivery and installation.

Pipe work, control cables and gantries were all match marked prior to dismantling.

The tanks were located in a small compound at the corner of the Thwaites site, which is located in the centre of Blackburn.

We match marked the tanks and dismantled the pipe work and control cables, allowing us to remove a warehouse wall to position a 40 tonne city crane within the tank compound.

The top gantries were lifted down and then the tanks, due to an extreme shortage of space, were tailed using a 40 tonne all terrain crane located in the building. We also match marked the three tier walkway and dismantled this with the crane.

We manufactured bogeys to allow us to transport the tanks through the warehouse and outside the building, where they were loaded onto specialist transport, and due to site locations at both ends, the loads were escorted.

Once at Montgomery Spring Water, the tanks were unloaded to a car park where they stayed for six months while the concrete slab was poured.

The tanks were re-loaded to transport and transported to the slab, where they were stood up using an 80 tonne and 40 tonne all terrain crane and positioned. The walkways and stairwell were also installed.


Cains Brewhouse

The vessels were all match marked and then dismantled. This comprised a lauterton, a mash tun, 2 off whirlpools/coppers, 6 off 880 hl dual-purpose fermentation vessels and 1,200 hl bright beer tank.

A 250 tonne crane with full ballast was used to lift the lauterton, mash tun and the coppers from the building at a 35m radius.

To remove the bright beer tank and the dual-purpose fermentation vesselss, we required a full road closure arranged with the local highways authority.  These were loaded directly to transport.


Arla Foods, Settle – Evaporator Removal

We were instructed by Arla Foods to remove a two-stage evaporator and dismantle the evaporator building

Complete Access supplied a scaffold around the building and a deck under the building roof.

We removed the roof and, once exposed, the calandrias and associated plant were lifted out using a 160 tonne crane.

The cladding of the building was then removed and the structural steel work cut down whilst supported by crane.

Once the building was down, a roofing contractor was employed to install a roof to match the rest of the factory.